European Glass Context 2012

Tickets for European Glass Context 2012 tour, 2012

Educational Seminar:

Using the current shifting situation in the Scandinavian glass tradition and industry as a starting point, this workshop will address and discuss how glass education can meet the demands that graduated candidates are meet with in their professional practice.
• What are the demands for the professional practitioner in contemporary glass?
• How are the graduated candidates received by producers, galleries, museums, collectors etc?
• What role does the current shift in glass tradition and industry play in the contemporary glass scene?
• Does the current curriculums match professional life as an independent artist working in glass?
How do we educate to meet these demands?


This conference will spotlight and address current themes impacting contemporary European glass. The studio glass movement is now celebrating it 50th anniversary as an independent artistic practice. Half a century is a significant amount of time, yet the movement still seems young seen in the perspective of general art history. This calls for an opportunity to take stock of and look ahead for future opportunity, relevance, positioning, development, discussion ect.

• What did the studio glass movement set out to do, and what did they achieve?
• How does the studio glass movement identify itself in a craft and art context?
• How can glass in the future position itself in the consciousness a larger audience? And where lies the responsibility to do so?
Do we need any changes at all in the way we think about and make glass..? Konference, glass, kunsthåndværk, kunst, Bornholm

Opening event for European Glass Context 2012 / Concert with Skilla:

Skilla makes music from their inner, and out comes their own version of alternative rock as you never heard it before, says the blood sisters from Malmoe in the south of Sweden about their music.
Prior to the concert, European Glass Context will be hosting a buffet with the local produce that the island is so well known for.



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