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I’m missing my ticket - what do I do?


Did you not receive your ticket in the mail?

Did you lose it after receiving it?

Did you get your ticket stolen?

No need to worry. Billetlugen can print a new ticket–with no risk for you as a customer. The old ticket will be cancelled and no longer used for admission.

For reprints of tickets lost in the mail, you must contact Billetlugen’s Customer Service with your request for reprinting no later than seven weekdays after the purchase. If you wait more than seven weekdays, the ticket will be considered “lost after delivery”, and a reprinting fee will incur.

If your ticket has been stolen, or you have lost it after receiving it, you will also need to pay a reprinting fee.

The fee for reprinting a lost ticket is a processing fee of DKK 60.00.

If you have had your ticket stolen, you can report it to your insurance company, some insurance companies reimburse your cost for the new ticket.

If you are missing your ticket, you can contact Billetlugen’s Customer Service on tel. + 45 70 263 267.

Customer Service is open from 10:00 to 17:00 Mon - Thurs and Friday 10 - 15:30. Have your order number or the phone number used to order the tickets ready, so we can find you in the system more easily. Have your payment card ready as well for easy and fast service.

If you lost the tickets just before or at an event, we don’t always have time to reprint and send you new tickets. Therefore, call our Customer Service at tel.: +45 70 263 267, so we can arrange a solution. At certain events, you can pick up the ticket from our staff at the venue in question, from thirty minutes to an hour before the start of the show. This, however, does have to be worked out before the event.

Remember to bring a picture ID, if you pick up the ticket in person at the event, and that only the buyer can receive the ticket.

If it is outside of business hours for Customer Service, you are welcome to seek assistance from the venue directly, which may be able to help.