Buy your ticket to Roskilde Festival 2012 5 – 8 July / warm-up 30 June – 4 July

Don’t miss the greatest event this summer.
Roskilde Festival is more than a musical experience with 200 bands and 8 stages. Art, events, games, versatile gastronomy and an international crowd contribute to an un­for­gettable event. Buy your ticket here and you are well on your way to an experience, which will change you forever.

Types of tickets

— the simple or the combined version

You can buy an all-week ticket to the festival or you can combine your ticket with special add-ons. Perhaps you want to bring your caravan, stay at the MC camp or buy a tent that is pitched for you (Get A Tent). You can buy tickets for these special camping areas. In addition, you can buy a Tent+Gear package including tent and sleeping bag. You can also buy a one-day ticket for one of the four music days.

Book your entrance

— and get access to the festival from Saturday 30 June at 18:00

With entrance booking you will get access to the festival from Saturday 30 June at 18:00 and you will be first in the queue for the good spots. Choose one of the 5 entrances: West 1 and 2, East 1 and 2, South 1 when buying your ticket. Entrance booking is optional and free. If you plan to arrive after Saturday, entrance booking is not necessary. You can find the entrance booking under ‘section’ when you buy your ticket.