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Roskilde Festival 2011

30. juni - 3. juli / Warm-up 26. - 29. juni

Ready for Roskilde Festival? Buy your ticket here, and you’re off to a good start. Billetlugen is Roskilde Festival’s only official ticket provider
– no matter if you live in Denmark or China. Buy your ticket here, and you can be sure it’s the real ticket.

Forskellige billettyper

At Roskilde Festival, one ticket gives you access to all of the festival and all services. That said, we would like to offer you additional ways to stay that are not included in the standard ticket. All accommodation options are shown together here at Billetlugen, in order for you to choose what is right for you while buying tickets. Read more about the options here »

This year we introduce entrance booking at Roskilde Festival. There will be five entrances for which you will need to book your entrance. This is booked with Billetlugen. Naturally it is free and only requires you to have a valid ticket barcode. Read more about entrance booking »

If you have already purchased your festival ticket, you can order your entrance booking at www.burl.dk/entrancebooking
You’ll need your original ticket’s barcode in order to access the link. You can swap to a different entrance on www.burl.dk/entranceswap for a fee of 20 DKK.

Opret din egen Roskilde-Profil

While buying your ticket, you can create your own Roskilde Profile. This enables you to participate in contests, comment on news and use the festival forums and more.

You’ll also have a chance to have your say on the music line-up by wishing for specific bands. All of this happens at roskilde-festival.dk. Additionally you can choose to get the official Roskilde newsletter delivered to your inbox. This way, you be the first to know the latest news.