Now you can spoil your family and friends with a gift voucher for Billetlugen.

The gift certificate can be used for all events on It can be ordered as Print@Home or you can have the gift voucher delivered in an exclusive wrapping, which is sent to you or directly to the one you wish to spoil. Gift card

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Where can I use the gift voucher?

The gift certificate can be used in connection with purchase of tickets via or via Billetlugen's call centre on tell +45 70 263 267.

Do I need to activate my gift certificate?

Previously, you had to activate your gift voucher in order to use it for purchasing tickets. This is no longer necessary, you simple need to enter the PIN no. when buying tickets - whether it is online or through our Customer Service. The PIN no. has been e-mailed to the buyer of the gift certificate by email in connection with the purchase.

How do I cash in my gift certificate?

Once you have found tickets on and have reached the point "Payment" you can choose to use your gift certificate as source of payment. Here, please enter the gift certificate number which will then be set-off against your order. If you buy tickets for more than the gift certificate value, the residual amount will be payable by credit card. If you buy tickets at less than the gift certificate value, the residual amount will remain on your gift certificate which you can spend on purchase of tickets at a subsequent point in time.
If you purchase tickets at Billetlugen's call centre, you should state from the beginning of the purchase that you wish to pay with a gift certificate.

How do I see the balance of my gift certificate?

You can check the balance of your gift certificate from time to time. Select the menu "Balance of gift certificate"
Enter the gift certificate number as well as PIN code - so that you can see which amount is available on your gift certificate.