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How does payment in installments work?

If the event you are buying tickets for supports it, you are able to select to pay the order in installments.

Under "Payment options" in the buying process step 4, you are able to select the tab "Installments". Here you can see how the payment for this event are laid out. You always need to pay the first installment during the purchase. It will show when the remaining installments will be due. Normally you will get your tickets when all installments has been paid. The ticket you have selected during the purhase will thus be reserved for you all the time the payment plan is underway.

What does this cost?

There is an additional fee pr installment added to your order of 16 DKK. If the payment plan for instance has 4 installments, you will pay 64 DKK in additional fees.

When the last installment is paid, how fast will i get my tickets?

Your tickets are issued the moment we have registered your last payment. If you have selected print@home, you will immediately recieve your receipt with a download link.If your ticket are delivered by post, you will have them within 3-5 days in Denmark, and 1-2 weeks outside of Denmark.

Which credit cards can be used for this?

You can use all normal credit cards for this, even international cards. Maestro and Visa Electron is unfortunately not supported.

How will i know if a payment went well? (or not went well)

We will keep you informed by email everytime an installment is being processed. In the email you will be notified whether the payment went well or if there wass a problem. You will in the initial payment email (and all following mails) receive a link to your personal payment page online, where you can track the progress. This page is updated everytime a payment is processed.

What should i do, if my card is no longer valid or i get an payment error?

Please contact Billetlugen. Normally we will create a new link for you, where you need to go at etner your new payment details in order to continue the payment plan.