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I have not received my ticket by mail?

If you do not receive the ticket by mail, Billetlugen is able to print a new ticket for you without cost and risk to you as a customer. The new ticket will have a new barcode. The old ticket will be cancelled and can no longer be used at the entrance. For reprint of tickets lost in mail, please address Billetlugen with a request for reprinting within five business days after your purchase. If you wait more than five days, the ticket is considered lost after receipt and you have to pay to get a new ticket.
If you lose your ticket after receipt, you must pay a fee for reprint of your ticket. The fee for reprint of a lost ticket is DKK 100 of service charge as well as DKK 20 per ticket. I.e. reprinting of two tickets will cost DKK 140.
When reprinting has been completed, it is not possible to regret the reprint as the original tickets have been cancelled and can no longer be used.