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How will I have a refund of my tickets?

Refund of tickets is made through Billetlugen A/S, and this is always to be done by transfer to a bank account. It is not possible to have a refund paid in cash.
Tickets are only refunded in the event of cancellation of the event. How you get your money back depends on where you bought your tickets.
If you have bought tickets in FONA, you should take a copy of the tickets and send the originals to us. The address is provided on the back of the tickets. Also write name, address, your phone number as well as sort code and account number for your bank.
We will deposit the money in your account within approx. 14 days. You will not be notified when we transfer. You must keep an eye on your account yourself.
If you have bought your tickets with a credit card via billetlugen.dk, refund is done automatically within 14 days. The money will be deposited on the card you have used for buying the tickets.
If you have changed banks since you bought the tickets, please notify Billetlugen's customer service and we will refund the money to your new account instead.