Terms of sales and delivery

Conclusion of agreement

The purchase agreement is subject to the general rules of Danish law. The agreement only takes binding effect for both parties when Billetlugen has registered and received your payment.

The relationship between the ticket buyer and Billetlugen

Billetlugen acts solely as a ticketing service provider between event organizer and ticket buyer for specific events. The event organizer is therefore regarded as the seller under applicable law. All complaints regarding the event should be made directly to the event organizer in question.
According to section 18(2) no. 12 of "Act on certain consumer contracts", purchase of tickets is not subject to the right of withdrawal.

Purchase of ticket

In order to make your purchase at billetlugen.dk, you must do the following:

1. Search and find ticket(s)
2. Select type of delivery (Note: Print@Home is not possible for all events)
3. Log in if you are already a customer. If you are not already a customer, you can either skip "log in" or create your account.
4. Enter delivery address
5. Enter email
6. Accept the terms of sale and delivery
7. Check whether all details are correct
8. Select manner of payment
9. Approve purchase

Your receipt will now appear on screen, and within a few minutes, you will receive your receipt by email.

The purchase agreement is subject to the general rules of Danish law.


Billetlugen sends tickets all over the world. The tickets are sent to you as soon as possible, and you will receive them no later than five business days after your purchase. For tickets sent abroad, including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, however, you should expect a time of delivery of up to 14 days. The tickets are sent to you by regular mail to the address you have stated on purchase. Billetlugen's barcode system ensures that the ticket you receive cannot be copied or otherwise forged. Accordingly, it is not necessary to send a registered letter so you do not need to be at home when the tickets arrive by mail.

Please note that prolonged delivery time can occur with certain events. You will always receive an email, when the tickets have been sent by post to your address.

NB! If you do not receive your Print@Home ticket within 24 hours of the purchase, please contact our Customer Service on tel. +45 70 263 267 or email kundeservice@billetlugen.dk


If you have bought tickets with Mobile ticket as your delivery option, in your online receipt you will see a button with a link where you can download your tickets. 

In the email receipt, which you will receive shortly after your purchase, there will also appear a link that guides you to your online receipt.

If you do not download your tickets from the online receipt right away, or you do not receive an email confirmation, you can do the following:

If you have a Customer profile on Billetlugen.dk, you can log into “Min Profil” via www.billetlugen.dk. Under “Billetter og Køb” you will find a link to your online receipt, where you can download your mobile ticket. 

If you don’t have a customer profile account at Billetlugen.dk, you can contact Billetlugens customer support on 70 263 267. Billetlugens Customer Support will help you with re-sending the receipt to your email address, in order for you to download the tickets.

You can pay for your tickets by Dankort, Visa card , Diners Club, MasterCard, VISA, JBS, Danske Netbetaling and Nordea e-betaling. All communication between you and Billetlugen.dk is encrypted. Accordingly, no one else will be able to see your card details. Your card details are submitted directly to PBS, and Billetlugen.dk does not save the card details. Read more about Billetlugen's security policy here.

Card type - Fee

Dankort, VISA/Dankort 0 - 50,00 kr. = 0,88 DKK (incl. VAT)
Dankort, VISA/Dankort 50,01 - 100,00 kr. = 1,38 DKK (incl. VAT)
Dankort, VISA/Dankort over 100,00 kr. = 1,74 DKK (incl. VAT)
Diners Club issued in Denmark = 1,56% of the transaction amount
Diners Club issued in other countries = 1,56% of the transaction amount
MasterCard issued in Denmark = 1,00% of the transaction amount
MasterCard issued in other countries = 1,00% of the transaction amount
VISA = 1,00% of the transaction amount
VISA Electron issued in Denmark = 1,00% of the transaction amount
JCB = 4,06% of the transaction amount (Min. 1,95 DKK)
Danske Netbetaling = 2,00 DKK (incl. VAT)
Nordea e-betaling = 1,50 DKK (incl. VAT)

The credit card fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

Costs of delivery and administration

You always pay a ticket fee in addition to the ticket price. The ticket fees start from min. DKK 20,00 per ticket.

Shipping fees depend on your location:

The delivery cost to addresses in Denmark is DKK 35,00.

The delivery cost to addresses in other countries is DKK 50,00.

When contacting our call center you will be charged an expedition fee DKK 25,00 per transaction.

All prices are including VAT and taxes.

The ticket

The ticket with the printed barcode is your access card to a specific event. The ticket is only valid if the barcode has been activated. I.e., tickets which have been cancelled at Billetlugen by reason of loss, etc. are not valid access cards. The barcode will only be accepted once. This means that the ticket cannot be copied or otherwise attempted used more than once.

If you are prevented from participating in an event, you are free to give your ticket to a friend. However, there may be some events where ID is demanded at the entrance, but if so, this will appear clearly from the website and from the ticket.

It is not permitted to transfer purchased tickets for commercial or other business purposes.

Violation of this provision will result in cancellation of the ticket on the part of Billetlugen.

By transfer for commercial or other business purposes, we especially emphasise - but do not limit to - the following purposes:

All professional business sale or other transfer of tickets, irrespective of the price.

Use of tickets as prizes in contests or similar, without having obtained prior approval from the concert organiser as well as the artist

Transfer of tickets where such transfer is made as bonus for other services, e.g. sale of travel, restaurant visit, hotel stay and similar, without having obtained prior approval from the concert organiser as well as the artist.

Please separately note that according to "Act on ticket touts" it is illegal to seek to achieve a profit through resale of concert tickets.

If the tickets are cancelled due to misuse according to these rules, Billetlugen will invoice all costs related to the refund and misuse consequences, with a minimum of DKK 500,00.


If the ticket is lost before the event, Billetlugen is able to issue a new ticket for you.

If you do not receive the ticket by mail, Billetlugen is able to print a new ticket for you without cost and risk to you as a customer. The new ticket will have a new barcode, whereas the lost ticket will be cancelled and can no longer be used at the entrance. You should contact Billetlugen with a wish for reprint NO LATER THAN 30 BUSINESS DAYS after your purchase. After seven days, it is your responsibility if the ticket is lost, and you will then pay for reprint of the ticket.

The fee for reprint of a lost ticket is DKK 60 of service charge as well as the tikcet fee per ticket and the delivery fee if sent by post. Reprinting of two tickets will i.e. cost a minimum of DKK 140.

When reprinting has been completed, it is not possible to regret the reprint as the original tickets have been cancelled.


Purchased tickets will only be refunded in the event of cancellation.

As ticket agent for the organiser, Billetlugen is not liable to repayment in connection with cancellation. Billetlugen will, by way of contract, seek to ensure that the organiser refunds the ticket purchase price in the event of cancellation, but assumes no business liability therefore.

Charged ticket fee, other fees as well as any delivery charges will not be refunded.

Please also note that according to section 18(2) no. 12 of "Act on certain consumer contracts", purchase of tickets is not subject to the right of withdrawal.


An event has been cancelled if the event is not performed at all. Changes to the repertoire, the date, partial performance of the event, etc. are accordingly not considered cancellation, and the money will normally not be refunded. However, read the information about the event.

NOTE! Fees and cancellation insurance paid in connection with the ticket purchase are not refunded in case of cancellation/rescheduling.


Any type of complaint relating to the event is to be addressed to the organiser. However, if you are unsatisfied with anything in connection with your purchase of tickets, please contact Billetlugen's customer service on kundeservice@billetlugen.dk or by phone +45 70 263 267.


Billetlugen makes reservations for errors in details about prices and for sold-out events.
Billetlugen reserves the right to change the seating within the same ticket category as well as to move to a different category against repayment of a potential difference in price to the customer.
Billetlugen reserves the right to cancel issued tickets against refunding the ticket price and ticket fees.

Billetlugen is solely liable to the ticket buyer's potential direct loss if such liability exists within the general rules of Danish law. The liability of Billetlugen in such events is limited to the ticket fee paid.

SMS reminder

It costs DKK 10 to order and receive an SMS reminder. It is possible to regret your order until entering pin code, and you click "continue". Thereby, you waive your right to 14 days' right of withdrawal. The amount will be withdrawn from your phone bill when the SMS is sent. It is not possible to change mobile number once you have clicked "continue".

Billetlugen formidler udelukkende salg af billetter mellem billetkøberen og den ansvarlige arrangør. Alle reklamationer vedrørende arrangementet skal rettes direkte til arrangøren.