Tickets as gifts

Your ticket is not personal. You can easily give it away as a gift, even if your name is on the ticket. Only at very few events will they check ID’s, in which case this will be emphasized on the homepage.

Be aware that you, as the buyer, are still the legal owner of the ticket. Therefore, Billetlugen can only assist the purchaser of the ticket if it is lost or if problems arise otherwise.

Second hand market for tickets

Billetlugen recommends all customers to only purchase tickets from authorized dealers. Organizers also always refer to authorized dealers.

Billetlugen cannot verify tickets or change the names on them.

If the official ticket-vendor informs that an event is sold out it cannot be guaranteed that there are tickets left for sale. We strongly advise you to only purchase tickets from people who you trust, in order to mitigate any risks of purchasing tickets that are false or not valid.

There are many second hand ticket sellers in the marketplace with websites that look serious and sophisticated, but who sells tickets that are not valid.

Billetlugen would like to warn for the following websites, where customers previously have been deceived: Guloggratis, Viagogo, Euroteam.info and Worldticketonline.com

In Denmark, it is illegal to sell tickets at a price higher than the face value , which also conflicts with Billetlugens terms and conditions. However, this does not prevent foreign agents and individuals from selling tickets at excessive prices.

At Billetlugen you are, in most cases, able to sign up on a waiting list for sold-out events. You will then be contacted if more tickets are made available for sale. 

Before ticket purchase and popular events

General ticket purchase

  •       Always use billetlugen.dk’s ”buttons” only and not your browser’s. You risk losing your tickets or accidentally buying tickets for the wrong date, show, or seats.
  •       Be accurate when entering your payment information. If you enter it wrong, your payment will be rejected, and in a worst-casescenario, you may lose your tickets.
  •       Your purchase is not complete until you have seen the image on your screen with your receipt. If you do not see this image on your screen, your purchase is not complete.
  •       Your receipt will also be sent to you at the e-mail address indicated by you. Receipts are sent out in order of completed transactions. During high volume periods it may, therefore, take some time, before the e-mail with your receipt reaches you. If you have not received it within 24 hours, please contact Billetlugen’s customer service at tel. 70 263 267, as this could be an indication that your purchase was not completed correctly.
  •       Always double-check your order under the order history during the checkout process to make sure if it is correct, or if you may have mistakenly clicked or typed something somewhere. You can click on the + next to your chosen event for expanded details, such as row and seat numbers for your current order.

Mass sales


During mass sales Billetlugen utilizes Queue-IT, which is an online queueing system that assigns you a queue number, which gives you access to purchasing tickets according to your place in line.

Buyers at mass sales are thus funneled into the purchasing process in smaller groups in order to avoid congestion on the site – which ultimately hurts the buyers themselves.

All ticket buyers that are on the page BEFORE the sales starts are assigned a random queue number. All ticket buyers that arrive at the page AFTER the sale starts will be placed in the queue according to the first-come-first-serve principle. We think this is the fairest way.

Make the ticket buying process easier and quicker by following these tips:

  • Create a profile at billetlugen.dk and be logged in, before the sale starts. This way you avoid entering and double checking your contact information during the actual purchasing process.
  • Only keep one tab/one window open to Billetlugen. It is an unnecessary strain on the system and creates an incorrect impression of the number of buyers in the queue.
  • Only click each button once. The system is stressed and therefore response times may be longer than normal.
  • Do not be picky about the seats assigned to you. There are many people in line, and you may not receive another offer, if you click “no thank you”. Therefore, donot go back to check for other seats.

Via telephone

You can also buy tickets via Billetlugen’s customer service. When you call in you will receive a place in the queue. If there is insufficient space for everyone in the queue, you will hear a busy signal. Hang up and try calling back a few minutes later. Note that you will be charged a processing fee for each order.

Have your credit card ready, as payment will take place immediately.

The telephone number for Billetlugen’s customer service is: 70 263 267


Most of the events sold through Billetlugen may be purchased at FONA. Note that you will be charged a processing fee for each order. The stores may have a limited number of tickets, and therefore it is possible that a store will report being sold out, while you are still able to buy online. If you see a very long line in front of a FONA store, it may be worthwhile to consider buying tickets online or via Billetlugen’s customer service.

Online time restrictions

When you are in the process of making a purchase, you are reserving the seats in question, so no one else can buy these seats at the same time. Because of the high demand, we have instituted a time limit for completing the transaction. The time limit may vary from event to event, all depending on the information we need from you. On the average, though, you have about 10 minutes to complete a purchase. If you exceed this time limit, the tickets are released again. That way we ensure that the highest possible number of people has an opportunity to buy tickets.

If you exceed the time limit, you will have to start over, in which case there is NO GUARANTEE that the same tickets can be offered to you again. Therefore, we recommend that you always have your credit card ready, when you initiate a transaction at billetlugen.dk.

Multiple events in one order

It is possible to collect several events in one order, thereby only having to pay the shipping fee once.

However, this is only possible for certain organizers and requires that you buy tickets from the same organizer. You will find the order button by the step “order history” in the purchasing process.

Cancellation insurance

Did you buy a ticket, and do you want to make sure you can get your money back, if you get ill and therefore cannot make it to the event?

In collaboration with Europæiske Billetforsikring, Billetlugen offers cancellation insurance for your tickets. The price is 6% of the price of the tickets (excl. fees) for insuring your tickets. When you purchase tickets and choose the insurance option, the calculated value is automatically added to your order. If, for instance, the ticket price is DKK 100, the cost to insure it is thus DKK 6, not including insurance tax of 1.1%, payable to the state.

Cancellation insurance covers such things as:

  •         Death or acute illness afflicting the insured, or family or companions of the insured
  •         Fire or break-in in own household immediately before the start of the event
  •         Divorce or separation
  •         Unexpectedly being let go from a job less than 3 months before the event takes place
  •         Ticket holder not passing an exam and having to retake it

The price is the total insurance premium, including insurance tax of 1.1%.

Note: Insurance does not cover, if you are merely unable to go due to making other plans. Furthermore, the insurance cost is not refunded in case the event is cancelled.

Billetlugenis merely in charge of selling the insurance. All questions about the insurance may be directed to Europæiske Billetforsikring at www.er.dk or telephone 33 27 82 74

Read the complete insurance rules here. (Note: In Danish only).

Claim form found here (PDF), or you can report your claim online at www.europaeiske.dk/Anmeld-skade/.


Billetlugen formidler udelukkende salg af billetter mellem billetkøberen og den ansvarlige arrangør. Alle reklamationer vedrørende arrangementet skal rettes direkte til arrangøren.