Cookie and Privacy Policy

At Billetlugen we wish to give a good and personalised user experience. In order to do so, we use cookies to store relevant data on your computer.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing data, which a website can store on your device and later read, when you visit the website again.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies for the following i.a.:

  • Storing your username and password from session to session
  • Collecting statistics on how the website is used via Google Analytics
  • Allowing the user to share information on Facebook

Our partners’ cookies:

Billetlugen has a range of partners – advertisers, media agencies and other services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn) – who use cookies, the so-called third party cookies.

The various cookies serve to ensure that relevant advertisements are presented to the user, and to enable the user to log in and share articles etc. on the website in question. In questionnaires and surveys etc. cookies are downloaded in order to register your reply and participation so that you will not be asked to answer the same survey again.

How do I avoid or get rid of cookies?

There are more ways of avoiding cookies. You can read more here:


Specifically for Google Analytics: You can disable cookies from Google Analytics here:


For how long do we store cookies?

The cookies that we download to your device are stored for a various amount of months depending on the purpose of the cookie.

Every time you visit our website, the storage period for the various cookies is prolonged, and they are automatically removed from your device once they expire.

How we handle personal data:

As a user of Billetlugen you give your consent for us to register and handle personal data about you and your activity on our website. This data is used to provide you with relevant offers and recommendations as well as to carry out your ticket orders.

Billetlugen registers and stores information on:

  • profile information if given by the user


For further information on which data Billetlugen registers, or if you wish for this data to be deleted, please contact:

Billetlugen A/S
Øster Allé 42, 2. sal
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Telephone: +45 70 263 267 (weekdays between 10.00am and 5.00pm CET)
e-mail: kontakt@billetlugen.dk

Billetlugen formidler udelukkende salg af billetter mellem billetkøberen og den ansvarlige arrangør. Alle reklamationer vedrørende arrangementet skal rettes direkte til arrangøren.