Spleen United

Tickets for Spleen United, 2012, Næstved

The bell is ringing at Spleen United’s School of Euphoria.

After intense up-close studies of ‘unintelligent dance music’, the (clever) boys in Spleen United have reinvented themselves. At the same time, they have rediscovered melody and encapsulated a captivating energy that acts as a soundtrack to their exploration of euphoria – and the (inevitable) come down the next day.

The last time we heard from Spleen United, they were the kings of airplay in Denmark, with massive record sales and plenty of acclaim for their unique take on electro rock.

Now it’s been three years since the single ‘Suburbia’ was the most played track on P3 – Danish National Radio. After that, it became quiet as the four members withdrew from the limelight and immersed themselves in some intense self-study.

The self-selected experimenting years have once again pushed Spleen United in new directions, although the band still sounds unmistakably like itself – with all that entails in terms of melodic flair, lyrical depth and (intense/high) energy.

In their third album, School of Euphoria, Spleen United offer a bunch of coherent songs, which each have their own life on an album where the guitars and the rock sound yields some space for drum machines and other analog techno-tools/instruments/machinery. But as the first single ‘Days of Thunder’ stressed from the first sound/beat, the growing machine park does not change the fact that you immediately know you’re listening to Spleen United. The music is still captivating, it grows and it becomes more and more insisting with each time you listen to the songs.-L-

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