Norberto Lobo (PT) + Glorias Navales (CH) + Asiq Nargile (GE)

Tickets for Norberto Lobo (PT) + Glorias Navales (CH) + Asiq Nargile (GE), 2017, København K

Experimental and eccentric folk music from all over the world with the Portuguese guitarist Norberto Lobo, psych folk music by Chilean band Glorias Navales and beautiful tunes from the Georgian singer and baglama-player Asiq Nargile. Presented in collaboration with Fanø Free Folk Festival.

An evening filled with folk and experimental music from Portugal, Chile and Georgia.

The Portuguese guitarist Norberto Lobo paid a visit to Jazzhouse during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2016 with his orchestra Oba Lobo, but has also on several occasions repeatedly impressed the Danish crowd with his mesmerizing guitar play, characterized not only by enormous virtuosity but also soulfulness and nerve. He’s an inspiring musician, able to tell stories alone with his guitar, which leads the listener through Portuguese landscapes and the legacy of iconic American free folk guitarists such as John Fahey and Robbie Bashop. Even though he’s released some marvelous albums, Lobo’s true talent is in his magical live performances.

For the first time ever, Chilean band Glorias Navales will play in Denmark. The relatively young band from Santiago has managed to create a whole new sound, where they combine Chilean folk music with lo-fi aesthetics, repetitive rock, elements from psych rock and inspiration from Velvet Underground. Their debut LP ‘Cofradia Nautica’ from 2016 got international recognition which led the band to play in Europe and well, now at Jazzhouse.

The amazing Georgian vocalist and baglama-player Asiq Nargile combines the Georgian folk music tradition with elements of Russian and Azerbaijani folk. With her characteristic baglama, Nargile creates hypnotic soundscapes while her strong voice sings epic ballads and folk poetry. Besides her breath taking music, she’s known for her critically acclaimed live performances at Tusk Festival, Womad Festival and Cafe Oto, where the concert was recorded and released through their own label with the album title ‘Yurt Yeti’.

DJ’s from Fanø Free Folk Festival will play some music before, in between and after the concerts.

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