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The Nutcracker

Tivoli proudly presents a new production of the all-time favourite Christmas ballet, The Nutcracker.
Choreography by Artistic Director Peter Bo Bendixen. Set designs by Queen Margrethe.

Across the world, The Nutcracker is performed at Christmas time, and for many, Christmas is not perfect without it. The tale of Clara’s Christmas Eve, when she is given the nutcracker which later becomes her saviour in the battle against the evil mice in her dreams, has universal appeal and relevance for young and old alike.

This lavish new production moves the plot to Copenhagen in the eighteen seventies. Clara’s Christmas Eve includes guests such as Hans Christian Andersen, August Bournonville and Tivoli director Bernhard Olsen. Naturally, Clara’s Dreamland is the Tivoli Gardens where all sorts of magic happen. This you will see for yourself when stepping out into Tivoli after the performance.

Peter Bo Bendixen explains: “I have danced in several Nutcrackers and I have seen even more. Ever since coming to work for Tivoli in 2005, I have wanted to create this special Tivoli production. It is a perfect match, I think.”

The Nutcracker is Queen Margrethe’s fifth production as a set designer for Tivoli. The previous four have been for the Pantomime Theatre, and this is her biggest production yet, with costumes for 36 dancers in however many roles. The Queen’s designs are always very colourful and she has a special love of fun and surprising gimmicks, such as sets or props that change into something else.

The Nutcracker opened 1892 in St. Petersburg with a libretto by Marius Petipa after ETA Hoffmann’s story and music by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky. It rapidly became a Christmas classic not least because of the catchy music and the many colourful scenes from Clara’s Dreamland.


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