Carsten Dahl Experience

Tickets for Carsten Dahl Experience, 2017, København K

Carsten Dahl performs with his extraordinaire quartet Carsten Dahl Experience, originally formed right here at Jazzhouse.

Carsten Dahl (piano) Jesper Zeuthen (alto saxophone) Nils Davidsen (bass) Stefan Pasborg (drums)

Carsten Dahl hardly needs an introduction; he’s an exceptional world class Danish pianist. But namely, he is an artist that throughout music courageously deals with profound existential questions reflected with heavenly beauty as well as anxiety and trepidation. Musically, Dahl is deeply rooted in the traditions of jazz, but he also offers outbreaks of expressive and free improvisation as well as references to classical music.

With his quartet Carsten Dahl Experience he has found three excellent musicians that dare challenge his musical expression. Drummer Stefan Pasborg possesses a great creative energy and has played with Dahl on several projects, which explains why the interaction between these two musicians is no less than magical. Nils Davidsen, who is one of the leading bassists in the world of jazz, has played with numerous Danish and international artists, including John Tchicai, Tim Berne, Copenhagen Art Ensemble and many more. The quartet also consists of the veteran saxophonist Jesper Zeuthen, who has a wild and poetic style of playing and a deeply personal tone.

Carsten Dahl Experience released their fourth album, "Caleidoscopia", in 2016, which was called a masterpiece by several music journalists and awarded 5 stars by the music magazine GAFFA as well as Politiken, one of Denmark’s biggest and most important newspapers.

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