Margaret Cho - ''Mother'' European Tour 2013

Billetter til Margaret Cho - ''Mother'' European Tour 2013, 2013 København V

Margaret Cho

I was like, Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized ... I'm just slutty. Where's my parade? (Margaret Cho)

Margaret Cho‘s new standup show, MOTHER, offers an untraditional look at motherhood and how we look at maternal figures and strong women in queer culture. It’s probably her edgiest show to date, filled with riotous observations on race, drugs, sexuality ? gay-straight-everything in between, celebrity, culture, politics ? nothing is sacred ? least of all this MOTHER.

Margaret Cho‘s family originates from Korea, and Margaret doesn‘t only think that she looks like the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, she once became his impersonator for the TV series „30 Rock“ ...

When Margaret Cho started doing comedy she won several prizes immediately. In 1994 she was awarded with the „American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian“. For her recordings she was nominated three times for the Grammy Awards, also for the „Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series“. So it‘s no wonder that she already had appearances with Cindy Lauper, Erasure and Debbie Harry. The London Evening Standard calls her programme „shockingly funny“ an New York Times thinks of her as the funniest comedienne ever.

But: It wouldn‘t be Margaret Cho if there was only a „funny“ show to be eagerly awaited. She isn‘t only funny, she is very much into politics, fighting for gay rights and against death penalty ... Once a promoter shut down her mic, because she was ? let‘s put it this way ? not so very fond of George W. Bush‘s politics. Come and take part in the world tour of Mother.

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