Backstage 2012 Partout

Billetter til Backstage 2012 Partout, 2012 Roskilde

Backstage 2012 is a range of exclusive and unusual seminars, talks and workshops set in a unique location: Roskilde Festival. The topic is Open Innovation. Through dialogue, openness, and new technology we use the audience as a resource, as co-creators of extraordinary events. Acquire fresh knowledge and insights while experiencing how Roskilde Festival works it. Let’s do the talk and walk the walk.

A Backstage 2012 Full Period ticket gives you access to all 12 Backstage events and includes a Roskilde Festival 2012 ticket (30th June – 8th July)
Themes of the year:

Backstage Technology
- How new technology gives strength to an event context?
• Trash Your Cash
• Around the Sound
• Future's Intelligent Lighting
Backstage Green Footsteps 2.0
- How do we think sustainability in an event and culinary experience context?
• Stop wasting food
• Sustainability
• M’organic Youth Trends

Backstage Music
- Audience involvement – Breaking the fourth wall!
• Co-creation
• Backstage Rising

Backstage Dream City
- How to engage 90.000 unique co-creators in open innovation?
• Play & Participate
• Innovation & Co-society

Backstage Contemporary
- How to create contemporary Architecture, Design and Cityfied Art?
• Contemporary Architecture & Design
• Cityfied Art
Read more about the seminars: www.back-stage.dk

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