If you buy the ticket at a store

Billetlugen cooperates with several different points of sale. Accordingly, you can buy printed tickets to all the experiences which Billetlugen sells tickets to at different points around the country.

You can buy tickets in:

All FONA shops in Denmark (See the lists of FONA shops in Denmark here)
Bilka in Aalborg (Only tickets to Skråen's events are sold)
Salling in Aalborg (Only tickets to Skråen's events are sold)
Danbillet in Odense
Danbillet in Middelfart
Faaborg Turistbureau in Faaborg
Tobaksgaarden in Assens
MusikTeatret Albertslund
Julius Biljettservice in SWEDEN http://www.mute.se
Rådhuskiosken Bornholm in Rønne
Vordingborg Bibliotekerne
Køge Turistbureau
Helsingør Teaterkontor
Ishøj Bibliotek
Ishøj Kultur Café
Tivoli's Billetcenter in Copenhagen
Svendborg Turistbureau
Elro Arena in Randers
Musikteatret Holstebro
Aabenraa Turistbureau

Buy your tickets in FONA

At billetlugen.dk the best cultural events are available to the most attractive prices. You can save fees by helping yourself at our homepage. Here, you pay only the ticketprice plus a handling fee of DKK 15/20,00 per ticket. If you wish to buy tickets in person, you can buy tickets from on of the many FONA shops around Denmark, you pay a ticket fee of DKK 20,- per ticket plus an extra DKK 15,00 kr. per transaction.