Have your tickets sent to your mobile as MMS

For some events, you can choose to have your tickets sent to your mobile as an MMS. You will receive an MMS with a barcode which is your ticket. If you buy more than one ticket, you will still only receive a single barcode which can be used the same number of times as the number of tickets you have bought. MMS tickets will always be scanned at the entrance - directly from the screen on the mobile. Therefore, remember to bring your mobile!
When you complete a purchase, you should tick the MMS selection as below:

It costs DKK 10 to have your tickets delivered as MMS. You will still receive your regular tickets, either by mail or as print@home.
In order to be able to send and receive MMS you mobile settings must be proper. If you have problems receiving MMS, you will find links below to the most popular suppliers of mobile telephony, where you can find help for setting your mobile up properly. When you have the proper settings on your mobile, you can contact our customer service, who will help resend the MMS to your mobile.