The concert experience always begins and ends with transportation to and from the concert venue, and therefore also becomes a great part of the overall experience.
If one or more of the following statements are true for you, read more:

I want:
• Easy, fast and comfortable transportation out and back
• To begin the musical experience from home
• To be able to drink a beer or two underway
• To listen to music and watch music videos or documentaries about the performing artist
• Environmentally friendly transportation

The Concert Bus rides from a number of cities all over Denmark, directly to the bus parking by the concert venue and back again.
See oversight map of cities here

You will arrive an hour before the doors open so that you can be in due time for a good seat. The bus returns 45 min. after the concert ends.
The Concert Busses are modern touring coaches with toilet, air-condition, good legroom, etc.
Cold as well as hot drinks are sold in the bus.
Music is played and music videos and perhaps documentaries about the performing artist are shown, so the basis for a good atmosphere has been made from the beginning of your concert trip.
You are NOT allowed to bring your own beverages to the Concert Busses.
Research from Cowi, among others, states bus transportation as one of the absolutely most environmentally friendly types of transportation compared to cars, airplanes, trains, etc. Centrum Turist's busses are approved according to the latest Euro norms.
The ticket to the Concert Bus will be available on Billetlugen, where you book as well as pay before you receive your ticket by mail. Just as easy as when buying other tickets at Billetlugen.
Please note that the ticket for the Concert Bus is only a bus ticket, it does NOT include concert ticket.