Practical Information/ Vega

The doors will open 1 hour before the show

The wardrobe must be used. The wardrobe fee is 20 kr.

If a show is cancelled/moved the tickets will be refunded for 2 weeks after the original date of the show, by Billetlugen. If you do not contact Billetlugen within that period of time, you must contact Vega.


The concert hall is on the 1st floor.

People who have trouble walking or are wheelchair users must address the guards at the entrance of Vega. They will show the way to the concert hall through the elevators.

It is recommended for people who are in wheelchairs to arrive in good time before the concert starts. For fire- safety reasons it is not allowed to have wheelchairs on the 2nd floor in Store Vega.

The handicaptoilets is found in the hallway between Lille- and Store Vega, on the same level as the concert halls.

If you have any questions feel free to address the Vega staff.

For further information check out