Have you bought tickets for a concert or another event, and you want to be sure to have a refund of your money if you get sick and therefore is unable to attend the event?
In cooperation with Europæiske Rejseforsikring, Billetlugen offers cancellation insurance on your tickets. It costs 6% of the price of the ticket (excl. fees) to insure your tickets. When you purchase tickets and select insurance, the calculated value will automatically be added to your order. If, for instance, the price of the ticket is DKK 100, it will cost DKK 6 to insure it!

The cancellation insurance applies, among other situations, if:
• You get sick or injured before the event
• There is sickness, death or injure of companion
• There is sickness, death or injure in your family, incl. stepchildren and stepsiblings
• Your home or company burns immediately before the event starts

Cancellation insurance can only be bought concurrently with buying your ticket. It is not possible to take out insurance for tickets you already bought. Fees are never contained in the insurance amount.

Read the complete insurance conditions here (PDF Danish)