Billetlugen A/S is a Danish enterprise based on the idea of making it easier and more inspiring to buy tickets. Accordingly, we are very concerned with informing about the individual events concurrently with making it easy to order tickets.
Billetlugen A/S was founded in 2006, where the Company acquired all rights and liabilities from the company, E-billetter A/S. The Company is owned by Creatrix, which apart from Billetlugen owns the ticket company in Iceland.
Billetlugen A/S offers and handles all services in connection with mediation of tickets.

• We develop and operate a ticket system.
• We sell tickets for organisers, theatres and music venues.
• We print and envelope tickets for distribution by the Danish postal service with a unique security solution which ensures that the customer has no risk in relation to distribution of the tickets.
• We have a call centre which is open Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 to 17:00.
• We handle subscription or membership arrangements for clubs and associations.
• We sell tickets to foreign events.
• We develop and handle access control for organisers, stadiums and festivals.